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Arvin and Sangee practice cooperative parenting with their two young children, prioritising their children’s well-being during the divorce process.

When Arvin and Sangee got divorced, they knew from the start that they did not want to prolong the divorce process for the sake of their two young daughters. With the guidance of their lawyer, they discussed and agreed on the terms of their divorce together, so that they would not have to go to the courts and involve their daughters in the process.

Even after the divorce, Arvin and Sangee continued to place the well-being of their children as their top priority. Arvin and Sangee recognised their new roles as “project partners” while raising their children together. Whilst the two girls stayed with Sangee, Arvin was able to call his daughters anytime and they could call him anytime as well. As Arvin’s work schedule was not fixed, it was difficult for him to have access time with his daughters according to a fixed arrangement. Fortunately, Sangee was flexible and allowed Arvin to meet his daughters at other times if he was not able to make it on the scheduled days. The open communication and flexibility that Arvin and Sangee had allowed their daughters to continue spending time with both parents.

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